Be a leader
Open a TaHB chapter at your school

TaHB aims for developing leadership skills at a young age. TaHB also aims for adult volunteers to acquire new leadership skills through active participation. Leadership skills are evident in organizing events on a regular basis, becoming a champion at your schools or colleges or your institutions, managing operations within TaHB. Overall, the opportunities for leadership are numerous at TaHB.

Grant Wrting
For Your Success

Grant writing is a highly skilled and well thought of the process. It is placed at the highest level in many academic institutions. TaHB has many opportunities, many levels and categories to write grants under the guidance of well-trained professionals at TaHB and with fellow Rotarians.

Travel to India
Unique experience of traveling to India with friends and family!

India is a unique multicultural country, with a rich history, culture and diversity. India has tremendous opportunities to learn at many levels.TaHB plans to send and accompany medical teams from USA to provide educational opportunities to healthcare providers at eligible medical centers partnered with TaHB. Contact if you are interested to travel and one of the board members will get in touch with you.

Fund raising
Creating and organising events

Awareness about TaHB activities and fundraising are necessary to sustain the activities of the nonprofit organization. TaHB puts all the efforts to raise funds on a regular basis through various events such as walkathons, music concerts, art shows to name a few. Youth and all other volunteers are welcome to participate and contribute

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