Our Work

Our Work

TaHB has been working with medical centers in India and we are already seeing improvements in healthcare delivery and outcome.
We continue to provide our services through AMC (Adopt a Medical Center) model with education, training, active youth chapter, research, innovation and donating necessary medical equipment to the eligible medical centers.


We plan to provide education to healthcare providers through various modes, especially classroom style teaching, teaching using digital media (skype, Zoom etc), internet based learning, printed materials, medical book donations.


Workshops are a great way to learn medical procedures. We arrange workshops/training sessions on-site at the medical centers where the healthcare providers are taught the procedures on manikins and through various real time simulation scenarios. Last workshop was held at KIMS (Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences)Hubli city, Karnataka state, India, February 2017. More than 100 healthcare providers attended the training workshop and was a huge success with positive feedback.


Best way to bring change in health of communities in India.
KIMS - Dept of Pediatrics, were the first to adopt.
Field Projects
KIMS was the first to adopt, remove filed projects

Youth Chapter

Youth - Our Future!
Their involvement is key to success of any program. Huge potential with best outcomes.


Research is an integral part of Train and Help Babies organization. We have collaborated with the department of pediatrics at KIMS (Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences). We have been working on research articles, especially on Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy/birth asphyxia. We are raising funds through various events organized by TaHB along with Rotary Coppell to fund body cooling process for these critically ill babies to improve their survival and outcome.


Find those who want to work on innovation in resurce poor areas with trusted communities.

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