On behalf of the Train and Help Babies organization, we wish everyone a perfect health during this difficult period. We all know how hard it is to go through something totally unprecedented. There is no alternative and there is no choice, we all must do this, no matter what! And by full unity only we can achieve the intended success.
It is important to STAY HOME, maintain social isolation, wash hands and follow your local health department/government guidelines/announcements. Do not take anything lightly. Sooner we stop the spread, sooner we will be back to normal.
I am writing this since I keep hearing and reading from people that it is boring to stay at home. Here are a few things you all can do utilizing your free time.
Spend quality time with your family members.
Remember the days when you were so busy with your day today work, hardly had time to know your child/ren, busy dropping them and picking them from school, so many activities. Now is the time to know who they are, how you can make them laugh, see them happy, strengthen the family bond, tell lots of your stories ( of course with a variety and energy for teenagers), know your parents, ask them to tell THEIR stories when they were children, listen to music, sing songs together, read books together, yoga, indoor games, learn the history of your country, enjoy literature of various languages, there are many sites giving free online books and also audible books and those who are gifted this is the best time to write, enjoy cooking and eating variety of food. There is so much you all can do at home. Students can prepare for the next class, have group online lessons. Nothing to be bored of!!
Clean your house, your computer clutter, do some gardening.
TAKE AN OATH to plant a tree; may be in your backyard! Or small vegetables inside your house. This will help the planet even with more cleaner air and help other living beings to share this planet which we humans have been encroaching!
Don’t forget to MEDITATE!; understand who you are! How you can be a better person tomorrow. It is silent everywhere, you are at home; but now the universe is yours!
Contact your city/town leaders and register for a volunteer group in case there is a need. Above all, enjoy staying home to drive this pandemic away forever.
Follow this 10S pandemic mantra: (11th S is a bonus and will be awarded automatically)
Stay home,
Soap-Wash Hands,
Safe distance
Avoid Social gathering
Stay calm,
Stay fit
Cover your Sneeze and cough
Schedule emergency plan with friends, neighbors and employers
Seek medical advice on time
Aim to protect Society
This will Stop the Spread and we will be awarded a  “SUPER FUTURE”
Train and Help Babies team.

During this COVID-19 Corona pandemic, we all are facing fear, anxiety, frustation and above all uncertainty. It is time for all of us to come together as one family and help each other. As you know, medical personnel are the frontline workers exposing themselves to this harmful virus. We must protect them so they can protect everyone. They need preventive equipment to provide the care that is necessary for all patients irrespecive of corona virus or any illness. There are requests from TaHB hospitals in India for masks, gowns and gloves, breathing machines. We plan to raise funds within our communities to provide as much support as we can. Remember, any help we provide them goes a long way. Your help and support will be felt at every level of the cares provided. Please come forward and donate as much as you can. Go to www.trainandhelpbabies.com and donate from the website. You can also write a cheque to Train and Help Babies Organization. Thank you and stay safe and healthy. TaHB global team.