Adopt a Medical Center

What is the Adopt a Medical center model?
A volunteer or member of TaHB selects a medical center of his choice in India. He can team up with his friends or relatives close to the center and establish a collaboration between that center and TaHB. Once the collaboration is established, TaHB will manage to provide educational services and arrange training workshops on a regular basis.

What financial matters will I be involved in?
You can join any time. You can be in any part of the world. In this digitally connected world, you can contribute in many ways.

What will be the main steps in this process?
The finances are handled directly by TaHB board of directors. The details of the finances will be available upon request.

How can I find a medical center?
As a doctor, of any specialty, you can contribute a lot. You can provide your expertise via online tutoring, webinars, answer queries over the phone, travel to India and provide training at the workshops. The travel arrangements will be made by TaHB.

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